Photos from Trail Days 2005

California Trail Days was held on April 23, 2005. The Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Association joined State Parks for two projects at Castle Rock State Park, a clean-up task by the San Lorenzo Redwoods addition to Castle Rock State Park and a trail maintenance project on the Travertine Springs Trail (a connection between the hike-in campground at Castle Rock and the Toll Road and Skyline to the Sea Trail). The sponsors for the statewide Trail Days were P G & E, California State Parks and Starbucks. We got many of our clean-up volunteers from Starbucks staff. Sponsors specific to Castle Rock were "Oracle" and "The Fruit Guys" State Parks Foundation dealt with the grant moneys from the sponsors who gave monetary support and covered the cost of trash and recycle bags, news releases and the banner.

The clean-up crew was headed by Al Lisin and soon headed off to Waterman Gap and their work project in the vicinity of the historic "Toll Road". Martin Donald's trail maintenance crew drove down Highway 9 to Tin Can Ranch where they parked, before proceeding downhill, cross country, to the "toll Road". From there it was about a quarter-mile to the start of Travertine Springs Trail.

We worked the Travertine Springs Trail for about three-quarters of a mile, as far as the "splayed oak". This marks the point, beyond which it is easier to reach from "Twin Bridges" (below the campground) than from Tin Can Ranch.

The "core group" (of regular workers) consisted of
Martin Donald, Frank Turner, Ken Margiott and Kevin McDevitt.
The "hikers" were Sumi Yoshii, Judy Holmes and Vivian Jung
and (very welcome) "new volunteers" were Tena Brehmer, Antonia Romain and Steve Varty.

[Let's not forget Corry Harper who came along to register us. We had expected to have to deal with a seething mob but the rain left us with just the die-hards so she did not have too much to do].

Once on the Travertine Springs Trail Ken and Frank went on ahead to take out large fallen logs (Three large ones and numerous smaller ones)

The remainder of the crew proceeded along the trail cutting back brush that was intruding on the trail corridor, scraping and widening the tread where necessary and taking out smaller logs and other debris. The Trail is now on good condition as far as the "splayed oak" and we will access the trail beyond that point from the "Twin Bridges" access.

We gather at Tin Can Ranch before proceeding -- cross country -- down to the "Toll Road"

Steve and Antonia are scraping leaves and duff off the trail and widening it at a place where it is narrow

More of Steve and Antonia

Sumi is also cleaning and widening

Steve and Antonia clipping, Judy and Sumi passing


Antonia and Tena

Frank and Ken tackle the big logs

Steve and Antonia are set to drain the swamp

The swamp is getting steamy (on my camera lens) as Kevin shows them what's needed.

Antonia takes out a smaller log

Antonia has almost finished

Here we tackle a brushy patch. There's poison oak in plenty farther along there

But it's close to the spot where we will have lunch

Kevin, Tena and Judy will have lunch at the meadow

Also Sumi and Vivian



After lunch we finish up work by the splayed-out oak

Still by the splayed-out oak

On our return we fill in a large hole in the trail caused by a fallen tree. We had to search for a long time to find enough rock to shore up the edge of the trail

Some more logs cleared by Frank and Ken

Those same logs

This was an awkward one, but someone else had taken it out, probably Bo Gimble.

Another view of that one

We're back at the ranch, and in the clouds

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