Photos from hike at Harvey Bear County Park, April 22, 2007

We had a very enjoyable hike at Harvey Bear County Park. It WAS muddy though. It was very slippery going up the hill and any slightly drier mud stuck to the soles of our boots. It felt like we were like walking on stilts.

The sun broke through as we got just a quarter of the way up the hill.

There were many plants that looked like mules ears but were much shorter and smaller and with leaves that were less visible. Higher up we came across poppies with unusual colors. There were the usual orange ones, some yellow, but also some colored like a blood orange and some that were white.

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There was heavy overcast but no rain as yet
We walk on the grass whenever possible
Seep-spring monkey flower
The sun breaks through
Here are very short mules ears, there are lots of them
This looks like a garden weed
Coyote Lake
We found some unusual white Californian poppies
and some red-orange ones
There's a family of pigs
Those pigs again
Rain looks possible as we finish the hike

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