Photos from Trail Days 2007 at Castle Rock State Park, April 28, 2007

Eleven trail-work volunteers showed up at Saratoga Gap by 9 AM on the morning of April 28, 2007. The weather forecast was for a hot day and we hoped for a breeze to cool us. We all drove to the Partridge tree farm and parked there by the interpretive shelter.

The volunteers from the core trail maintenance group were Martin Donald, Frank Turner, Ken Margiott and Shu Zhu Zia. SCMTA hikers were Mary Ellen Quinn, Vivian Jung and Judy Holmes. From Sempervirens fund came Ellen Scheetz and Dan Martin. Logan Davis (another from SLAC) and Diana Hall completed the crew.

Martin led Judy, Mary Ellen, Vivian, Diana and Logan down the ridge Trail Below Goat Rock where brush was closing in on the trail from both sides. We cleared brush all morning and miraculously finished just in time to hike up to the interpretive shelter for lunch.

Frank, Ken, Shu Zhu, Ellen and Dan had meanwhile been restoring the trail tread between the interpretive shelter and Goat Rock. We all had lunch in the shade at the shelter, then continued with the restoration of the trail tread. We removed the berm at the outside edge of the trail that formed from wear due to many feet and due to erosion as water was unable to get off the trail quickly. We removed the berm and made sure that there was sufficient out-slope for the water to run off. We also cleaned out existing drainage structures and made new ones.

We were finished by 2:30 and returned to the cars.

Thank you volunteers for your imprtant work. I hope that everyone enjoyed the day.

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We find a mass of lupines where we park

After lunch we have a combined workforce for the trail tread

We are back at the shelter after a hard days work. Ellen's not with us as she left earlier

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