Photos from Trail Maintenance at Castle Rock State Park, October 20, 2007

Just like last October, the Trail Boss is out with a bad back and can do only limited trail work. He takes advantage and brings the camera along.

We took out fallen trees. One was on the way from parking lot to The falls, another two were close to Castle Rock and there was one by Russel Point. We finished up by walking the Frog Flat Trail and clearing minor brush and downed branches.

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Kevin starts brushing as we walk down toward The Falls to find the downed tree.
There's the downed tree that Miles mentioned, half-way to The Falls. Frank starts using the smaller of his bigger saws. It does not cut very well. Ken tackles the other end. and Frank reverts to his pruning saw. We need to use wedges. The trail boss continues on down to The Falls to make sure that there are no more logs blocking the trail. We find the downed tree by Castle Rock. Frank helps some hikers with directions. Here is another log, one that Miles did not know about. Miles met us at the campground and told us of a tree down by Russell Point. This is it. After this log we walk the Frog Flat Trail, taking out some small limbs and some brush.

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