Picnic News

It was a record crowd at the picnic this year. Barbara Lawson, Judy Holmes, Patty Van Natta, some of our founding members, many family members came that we don't get to see normally. We had a bazillion salads, wonderful desserts – not only do we hike but we can cook and boy can we ever eat!!!! Mark and Brenda were wonderful hosts and their backyard is a paradise. I wonder if they'd notice if we set up tents in their backyard…it truly is a haven. Mark was quite the chef, grilling salmon and chicken to everyone's delight and Brenda always makes you feel welcome. Thanks!

It's nice to see everyone as we've all changed over the years, some don't hike anymore or don't make as many hikes as they used to. It's a good time to catch up on the news, play a little croquet and generally enjoy each other. This group is a little more than just another hiking group....a little bit like a family. It's a nice happy place to be.

So come next year if you couldn't make it this year….you'll feel good. I do.

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